Kung Paano Hintayin ang Dapithapon (Movie Review)

Disclaimer: I am not in any way an expert in film. I am simply an enthusiast who loves stories of all forms.

We are all too familiar with situations where the one you marry isn’t necessarily the one you grow old with. It is already a familiar storyline, whatever part of the world you may be.

However, we don’t exactly see what happens when these characters grow old. This is what “Kung Paano Hintayin ang Dapithapon” (Waiting for Sunset) aims to resolve.

This film offers a mature yet fresh approach to a love triangle. It is not filled with overly long or dramatic dialogues — instead it is peppered with scenes that will lightly tug at your heart and would sometimes even make you laugh.

All actors were perfect for their roles — acting every bit excellently and naturally. They have a minimalist approach to characters — the characters are necessary and help push the story forward.

I liked the cinematography — the angles, the shots and the coloring. I particularly love the pauses and silences — as if telling us that with age comes a loving appreciation of time and spaces. All scenes are important and are meaningful.

I wish I had learned about this when it was shown in cinemas in 2018 so that I could have given my support. Thank the heavens for Netflix. (Click here to watch on Netflix)

Five shining stars for this movie!

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